Hi My names Emma and I am Travelasorous / Mummyasorous

My first proper ‘travel’ experience was gong to Kenya when I was 16, this trip set the path for all future travel.

In 2019 I left my job to travel full time, my main destination was Africa.

Whilst traveling in Africa in 2019 I became pregnant.
In 2020 at home in the UK I gave birth to a gorgeous small human – babyasorous!
In March 2020 the UK went into lockdown and travel stopped!

I am a solo parent, all our trips are just the 2 of us or with friends or family.

The blog has now evolved to incorporate traveling with what is now my littleasorous, and our adventures in the UK until we can leave the country!
I have put all my pre baby blog posts into the solo travel menu, my travel with littleasorous is in destinations and in day trips there is still a mix of both.

I have a gluten free and dairy diet so I will also post links to good places for food!

I have 2 Instagram pages:
Travelasorous for all things travel

Mummyasorous for all things trail and Mummy!

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