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Durdle Door, Dorset
Solo Travel UK

Bournemouth and Durdle Door

A friend and I made a fairly last minute decision to go away for the weekend I wanted to surf and she wanted somewhere she could explore while I surfed. She requested Bournemouth and despite being there twice before I agreed. I booked a hotel the day before we left on, I found a …

Days Out UK

Monkey World and Durdle door

February 24th and 25th 2018 saw a trip to Dorset, to visit Monkey World and Durdle Door. Monkey World We started with Monkey World, unfortunately my navigational skills let me down and I got lost on a diversion so was late! Luckily my friend went on in and was able to eat lunch watching the …

Portugal, Ericia
Europe Solo Travel UK

2018 Travel Roundup

2018 has been a difficult year for personal reasons, but I also feel that I’ve grown as a person and made some big decisions about my life, mainly that I wanted to leave my job and go traveling. Here’s my roundup of trips: January In January I went to Ayr in Scotland for the funeral …

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