We enjoyed a lovely day out at Cotswold farm park and it was one of the only hot days we have had in Aug so far!

First things first, I do think it is a bit over priced for what’s there but we were on a mini holiday so treated ourselves.

This is as it says in the name a farm park, so it just has farm animals. We were lucky to visit when there was some Piglets! Cutest animals ever, they also had Highland Cows which I love. There were some Donkeys, a white one was stood side profile to us and Toddlerasorous thought it was a Unicorn as we could only see on ear and it looked like a horn!

We went on a tractor ride which was definitely a highlight, you all get headphones to listen to audio, I checked mine were working but obviously once we got moving Toddlers were not! Being the wonderful Mummy I am we swapped! She loved listening and was very excited that real Adam was telling her about the farm! The trip probably lasts 10 minutes but for us it was a really lovely activity just the 2 of us did.

There is a really good play park, our fun was slightly hampered by a bad ankle. There were 2 bouncy pillows which again were hampered by ankle, again being the amazing Mummy I took her on and did the bouncing! The zip rope was funny when she flew up at the end! Obviously safely and fully supervised.

There are 2 barns with animals and activities, first barn is small animals that you can hold, a chick in a basket was interesting as it kept trying to flap out of my basket! Lots of cute bunnies and baby guinea pigs.
Second barn is a activity barn with massive sand play area, little soft plaky area and a bit with small tractors to drive on. The tractor driving was carnage! It took quite a long time to get a go as some kids just would not come off! When it was out turn I decided I am not teaching her to drive!
Final barn had bigger animals and you could give milk to lambs, turns out these were like full blown sheep and the milk went in seconds!!! I didn’t even really get any photos.

During our visit there was a flower festival, field full of wild flowers and sunflowers, you could pick your own sunflowers. It was very beautiful and perfect for pictures.

We didn’t eat any food other then an ice cream but I was really impressed with the food choices at the food stand we went to. They had GF, vegan options and even had GF oat milk which is always a hit for me! Looking at the restaurant menu it looks like they have some good options covering dietary needs.

It is also possible to stay at the farm, they have glamping options and pitch your own tent options, all at a variety of price options.

There’s lots of free on site parking, and it is a short walk to the entrance.

I used my push chair all day due to ankle issue, it was mostly fine a few areas it was a bit harder to push over gravel but not impossible.

Overall we had a really good day and there was lots to do and fun to be had.

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