Who doesn’t love a caravan holiday?!

This trip was part of my parents Christmas present, my Mum opened it and said “oh your coming as well!” obviously!!!!

It was a Monday to Friday trip, we had a 3 bed caravan that included bedding and play passes.
Toddlerasrous and I shared the double bed and my parents each took a twin room.
There was a shower and toilet room and a extra toilet, the single toilet was so small!! It was like being in a aeroplane toilet!
The kitchen had everything we needed, we cooked a few meals whilst we were away.
The lounge area had a TV, Toddlerasorous couldn’t understand why she couldn’t have what she wanted on TV like she does at home!! She doesn’t know how lucky she is able to have Paddington Bear on repeat!
Check in was easy, you are sent a check in time a few days before arrival, you are asked to arrive at that time. Check in is a drive through, security checked me in from my car reg, gave us a map and off we went.

There is a swimming pool onsite, disappointingly the water was very cold which I was surprised about given it’s a pool for families, however, it was a nice day and the lazy river was open which was a bonus especially when my Dad took the small one off and I got to go alone! The small toddler bit wasn’t open as I think it’s part of the outdoor pool but looked to me like it could be open, which would have been good if it was. Because it was so cold we only braved it once.

There’s lot of activities on such as Go Karts, that you pay extra for, luckily my child is still to young to want to go on them!

Entertainment was back on which was great, as last time we went to Haven it was a bit rubbish because of covid. Toddlerasorous enjoyed the morning toddler club and we made a lovely flower! She really enjoyed the evening entertainment and dancing. It did make for long days though when we went to the evening entertainment. Unfortunately I didn’t see any of the post 9pm shows so can’t comment on what they were like! The only thing that was a bit annoying was you had to walk through the amusements to get to the restaurant and show bar. Luckily she wasn’t to interested in the amusements yet! There is a small softly in the amusements which was cute.

There are a number of play parks on the site, the main one is accessed via the entertainment area.

There is a walk to the Bowleaze Cove, it was a bit bumpy but manageable with a pram. The beach is pebbles but I love a beach regardless of sand of pebbles! We walked down on our first evening and it rained! I would have gone back again but we ran out of time.
There was a bar by the beach and an amusement area but it wasn’t open when we went.

We went into Weymouth twice, expect you can get a bus as there was a bus stop outside the site, but we drove in. Parking is very expensive especially in peak season. The beach is a nice sand beach, not so nice when your 2 year old throws sand at you! Weather wasn’t great so we didn’t go on the sea.

We ate from a Gluten Free Fish and Chip shop Fish ‘n’ Fritz and at the Nautico Lounge. I managed to get lost walking back from the Fish n Fritz, trying to find the carousel! I walked so far out of my way! I was verging on panic! But got a lovely view of the Harbour!!!

On one of the visits to the coast walked around the Harbour and up above the Harbour where there was an old Fort. We didn’t go in the Fort as it was very expensive but we walked around the outside and found a small park near with beautiful views over the coast. There was also a toilet block which is always handy!

Weymouth Harbour

We went to Monkey World one day which was wonderful! Definitely recommend going for the young and old! Really good parks an amazing park for older children.

Five days definitely isn’t time as day 1 & 5 are basically travel days, there was definitely more to be seen. I would have liked to have gone to the Aquarium as I have been told Weymouth is a good one.

We really like a Haven trip! I love a caravan! Deciding where to go next!

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