We love a farm!

Windmill City Farm, great farm in the centre of Bristol. Easily accessible by bus or train, there isn’t any parking but there is on street ticketed parking around the area.

The farm is free to enter, there is a card donation point on the way into the farm. And a Sheep you can drop your pennys in!

The farm has all the usual suspects, Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Ducks, Cows.

Happy Pigs squelching away!

There is a play park, but I don’t tend to go in there with toddlerasorous as I think she is a bit little for it. There is a small sand pit by the park. They have a big growing patch where the grow lots of different veg, in amongst the growing area there a secret area where the Fairies live and lots of little fairy doors.

There is a gravel pit with trucks in which my little one absolutely loves playing in.

There is a cafe which sells vegan food but I’ve not seen many gluten free options. They have an inside and outside area. There are toilets and baby changing facilities.

I apologise for the toilet picture but how cool is this toilet!!!

The farm holds various events throughout the year, including carols at Christmas.

I really enjoy visits to this farm, the only thing that puts me off is no parking.

Summer 2023 Unicornfest is in Bristol and is making an appearance at the farm!

Grimsbury Farm, Kingswood.

This is a wonderful farm, made even more wonderful by the car park and free on street parking nearby! Can you see I’m easily pleased by parking! This farm is probably harder to reach without a car unless you live in the area.

The farm is free to enter, there is a donation box on the way in and you can buy bags of feed for the animals.

The farm has a number of fields with different animals in, including a couple of Donkeys, I do love Donkeys! It also has a Rabbit and Guinea Pig area!

The farm has a nice little cafe, which had a gluten free cake option when I went in there, have to admit I tend to just take my own snacks / lunch as I can never guarantee I will be able to find food I can eat!

Grimsbury has a play park, it’s a bit run down but we all know kids don’t care! My favourite thing is the rocking horse. There’s toddlerasorous climbing up in her welly’s and tutu!

July 2022 we visited on the hot weekend! We went fairly early, the seating area in the park is quite shaded by trees so we spent quite a bit of time in there letting the kids play.

We had a small Goat incident! You can buy food, it comes in 2 colour buckets red for the Chickens and Ducks and blue for the Sheep and Goats. So we ended up with 2 red as both kids wanted a red bucket! We fed the Chickens and Ducks which is quite easy as there is shoots to send the grain down.

Then it was Goat food time, obviously they didn’t want the blue bucket so I had to put the food in the red buckets! Toddlersarous then proceeded to drop her bucket in with the Goats! I couldn’t reach into the pen and the stick I found to hook it out with the Goat ate! Then the escapee Goat wanted my friends daughters bucket of food! Oh the drama! Luckily I found a farmer and was able to tell her what had happened as I was worried they would think I had fed the Goat the wrong food!!!

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