I am officially an adult! I am now a National Trust member.

Our first official NT trip was to Tyntesfield in Bristol, we did the Easter Egg hunt. We went with my niece and nephew who are 6 and 3, that helped to keep toddlerasorous entertained as they all just ran around and helped keep each other entertained.

The egg hunt took us all around the estate, which was great to get our bearings.
We didn’t have time to go in the house and it probably wasn’t the best plan with 3 small kids! There will definitely be more to see when we go back.

The Easter egg hunt was an additional £3, at the end of the hunt you got a egg, I studiously filled in all sections of the map we had in case we were asked to prove we had done the course! Obviously that was not needed which I am a bit sad about as I drew a rather wonderful bird!
When she got her egg toddlerasorous ripped into it, took it out the box, licked it and gave it back to me! Not the biggest of chocolate fans….obviously questioning if she is related to me!

It costs £5 to park for the day, it is free for NT members, you do still need to get a ticket from the machine by scanning your NT card.

There is a cafe by the main entrance and a small cafe near a play park. I didn’t see any gluten free options in the cafe, but they did have Vegan magnums.

The Easter Egg hunt had activities at each of the stops, one was a make a face from nature. Another was make a poem by pulling out random stones from a basket and placing them into a poem.

I am hoping to do more of the Easter Egg hunts next year.

In the shop I bought a passport where we can get a stamp when we visit a NT place, I thought this was a really lovely way of recording where we have been.

June 2022

I have been back! We went with the Grandparents for Fathers Day.

I was impressed Toddlerasorous still had a great time eve though we didn’t have any other children with us. It was fairly busy but as it is so big it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.
I even cracked out the actual camera today!

View up a very big tree!
Lilly Pads

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