In December I went to a Vineyard in Gloucester for the weekend, with friends and family for my Mums birthday.
On the way we stopped in Tewksbury for the day on the way home we drove through Wales to visit Tintern Abbey.
We started our visit to Tewksbury with lunch at The Boat House both food and service were good.

We took a stroll through the town, you can walk along the river path to get into the town as long as your comfortable walking along the water.
The high street is very aesthetically pleasing, the buildings are very old, and in keeping with the time when they were built
My Mum was concerned that she didn’t see a grocery shop and questioned where you would go if you needed tea bags!
Tewksbury Abbey is situated at the opposite end of the high street to The Boat House.

I really like churches, I’m not religious but I find them really calming, they have a similar effect on me to being by the ocean.
I think perhaps I’ll start visiting them alone as the family I was with were not as impressed!

The Abbey is beautiful inside, there is a small shop in which I bought some postcards as I send me God Daughter a postcard from the places I visit (maybe I need to write a post on the written word as I love letters and postcards!). We didn’t have long in the Abbey as it was closing for the day.

We headed to the Three Choirs which is where we stayed for the weekend. I would like to go back in the summer and see the vines with grapes.

On the way home from the vineyard my Dad drove us home through Wales which was much more scenic then driving along the motorway. We stopped at the beautiful Tintern Abbey, it is beautiful, you won’t be disappointed.
There is an admission fee of £6 to enter the Abbey, and it costs £3 to park but if you are going into the Abbey you can claim that back. There were lots of walkers about so if you are a keen walker you could combine the visit with history and nature.

The Abbey made me feel like I was on the set for Harry Potter, it’s been a ruin for hundreds of years but when you are inside you can imagine you are in the corridors at Hogwarts.

I think of the two, Tintern was my favourite even though it doesn’t have very many walls! I imagine it must be beautiful in the snow.
It is defiantly a photographer’s paradise, I think you could get some amazing photos especially if there was no one else there!

There is a lovely pub right next to Tintern Abbey, it has gluten free options on the menu!

Chepstow Caste is quite close so you could combine a day trip to both. Or as I said there were a lot of walkers in the vicinity so a spot of walking could also be planed.

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