The blogs I have written thus far have been what I hope are helpful blogs, 24 and a bit hours in Geneva, 4 days in Edingburgh. So I thought I’d write a blog for giggling at, and learning from – always carry wet wipes!

Luckily I only have 2 stories (for now) about being poo’d on by a bird. Part of me thinks well 2 isn’t very many, will people like a blog with only 2 stories. The part of me that likes odd numbers thinks well 2 is an even number and we don’t like even numbers so maybe 3 would be preferable.
Then of course there’s the part of me that thinks, please don’t wish any more bird poo incidents!

Bird poo incident one
It was October 2016 and I was on a G Adventures tour in Sri Lanka. It was approximately day two, so the group was still new, and people weren’t used to each other yet.
We were out exploring and had been on a wonderful boat ride spotting wildlife. We were now on a bridge heading to look at fish being dried!
As we stood on this bridge, admiring the views, a bird did a poo and that poo hit me on the chest. That’s right on the chest! The nearest person to me stopped and looked at me in horror, waiting to see what my response would be. I looked down, saw the poo and burst out laughing. I genuinely think other people in the group were more concerned about the poo drama then me. I found it very very funny, luckily, I had some wet wipes on me and was able to clear it up pretty quickly. Not going to lie when we got back to the hotel that day, I showered slightly more vigorously then normal and I showered in my top and bra!

Bird incident two
It was February 2019, it’s the day before my birthday and I’m on a mission to see Pandas. I’m casually strolling through the Pelican enclosure at Edinburgh zoo and I feel something hit the side of my head. I turned to my Mum who told me I hadn’t been pooed on, I wiped a tissue over my hair and how wrong she was! This time it was in my hair and not so much on my skin, poo is hard to get out of hair! Luckily Mum had wet wipes, still organised despite having a fully grown adult for a child! I have to admit I freaked out a bit more this time then last time. And yes I showered vigorously with hair washing that evening.

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