It’s taken two years to book a weekend away with two friends! Who knew we could be so busy!

I collected news paper vouchers and then set search for a holiday park. Camarthen in Wales won, I pretty much had two criteria 1. Be available for the weekend I needed 2. Don’t be too far away!

Leading up to the weekend I kept checking the weather – rain!!!

We arrived on the  Friday settled in and started drinking! Go to the on site club and watch a singer and get slightly drunk! Saturday we wake up full of hope and excitement….and it’s raining, not just a bit of rain I mean biblical rain! Our to do list given by the site says wet weather activities recommends a botanical garden……so we go…… seriously not a wet weather activity! But beautiful all the same.

Unfortunately one of my friends was massively reducing her food intake for health reasons so each night we bought food and ate in the caravan. Who knew there were so many ways to make Nachos!

On Sunday the weather improved a bit, it mostly stopped raining but was super windy! We went to Caswell Bay in the Gower, the sun was shining but we had to cover ourselves to keep warm and protect from the wind. We had a picnic of left overs, the non-food issue friend bought herself fish and chips, the other friend decided to throw the excess batter for the Seagulls which resulted in one of the most terrifying moments of my life where she was swarmed by seagulls!
There is ample parking at Caswell Bay, toilets and a couple of cafes.
I am updating this blog a year later after having returned to a much sunnier day out at Caswell Bay! I think we paid about £5 to park all day. Again I took a picnic but I have food issues so it’s easier for me, the cafes sell fish and chips, ice-cream and snacks, when we went at the beginning of August 2018 there was a life guard on duty. At the beginning of the day the toilets were clean but not so great at the end of the day.


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